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 * It is advisable to take appropriate insurance for any damage that may be caused by your pet in

    the house and its surroundings.

    Usually a family INSURANCE with extension abroad is sufficient.
 * We ask you to clean up the feces of the pets yourself in the garden and the bags to dispose 

    in the  garbage.
 * Drinking & eating pots should be brought by the owner for hygienic reasons.
 * It goes without saying that your pet may not stay alone in the house with the exception of the hall

    and garden. 

 * Your pets may stay in the living areas,  pets are not allowed on the beds or in the bedrooms.
 * It is compulsory to cover the seats with a seat cover brought by you.

 * For dog food you can go to the various supermarkets and an extensive range can be found:

    Lagerhaus - Millstätter Bundesstrasse 10, 9545 Radenthein.

 * There are two veterinarians in the immediate vicinity:
   recommended by us: 


     Krall Gerhard Dr
     Anger Road 3, 9545 Radenthein
     Telefon +43 4246 3120
     Fax+43 4246 3120

     Wulschnig Michaela Dr
     Sankt Oswalder Straße 32, 9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim

     Mobil+43 664 1553723

     Fax+43 4240 555-5

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